don't misread another book.
miss/read is here to share what's
totally worth reading next and why.



[pronounced; miss red]


Ladies – you're a smart bunch. You're gorgeous, so feel free to flaunt your assets as you see fit, but don't forget to flex that brain of yours, too. Knowledge is power. Your wit and charm are attractive. But somewhere along the way we've lost sight of how much that counts. So I implore you to rediscover the pages of an old favourite, or mull over my selection for a guaranteed good read. 

missread.co is the result of what I felt was lacking. A go-to place sorting the best from the averagely written. Life's too short to buy and half-read a book, only to be disappointed. I do a tonne of research before l commit my time to reading something, or I pick up one that's recommended by one of my many go-to resources. This is a place to share those I think are worth your time.