Little Black Book: A Toolkit for Working Women
By Otegha Uwagba

My Paris Dream: An Education in Style, Slang, and Seduction in the Great City on the Seine
By Kate Betts

Career Code: Must Know rules for a Strategic,
Stylish & Self-Made Career
By Hillary Kerr & Katherine Power

You don’t get taken seriously by asking someone to take you seriously. You’ve got to show up and own it. If this is a man’s world, who cares? I’m still really glad to be a girl in it.
— sophia amoruso

It seemed only fitting to kick start miss/read with not only one of the most read books (of all time) but a real life, kick ass, true story.

Sophia Amoruso founded cult fashion label Nasty Gal, but she's also an incredibly empowered woman in her own right. After many (and I mean many) failed attempts at literally every profession you can think of, a whim put Amoruso on a new path. It ultimately led her to create what is now a global company, and got her making some serious money.

While she doesn't discount her bank account's healthy sum, it's her success that gives her word a weight. She loves what she does, she loves that it is hers, and she loves empowering women. Since writing the book, she's also launched girlboss.com which is essentially and extension of the #girlboss title.

If for what ever (stupid) reason you're the only woman that hasn't read this, or didn't pick it up because it was too much of an "on trend" read, I urge you to devour it. Stat. And then watch it on netflix.

FOR Someone wanting motivation and the courage to start
PROS Her motivational babble and brutal honesty
CONS You'll be jealous you didn't think of Nasty Gal first
ENJOY With a notepad handy



sour heart

sour heart