the last mrs parrish

the last mrs parrish



Luckiest Girl Alive &
The Favourite Sister
By Jessica Knoll

In A Dark Dark Wood
By Ruth Ware

Force of Nature
By Jane Harper

If you're one of those types who only get into a book that has the coveted can't-put-down quality, The Last Mrs Parrish is for you. This psychological thriller has all the right twists. I'm still thinking about it months later...

I had no idea at the time of reading The Last Mrs Parrish, but Liv Constantine is the pseudonym for sister duo Valerie and Lynne. You wouldn't know it, because the book is seamless. Or perhaps the characters are so distinct throughout, therein lies the art of the story. 

I devoured this. It truly has all those Gone Girl-, The Girl On The Train- perks. Twists, deception, thrill... From the beginning, the story follows Amber on her plight to get the life of luxury she thinks she deserves. She's smart, incredibly cunning and makes herself indispensable to the Parrish family. 

What she's yet to understand, her meticulous plan to tear the family apart will come at a cost. But, to who? So you won't like her (or maybe you will) but you'll be on the edge of every chapter to follow the lengths she goes to.

I wasn't totally informed when I picked it up – I just knew it was a Reese Witherspoon book club pick and that a thriller vibe was guaranteed. I read it a couple months back and often catch myself thinking 'I wish I could read it again' (but I need more time to forget the details.). I should point out I think it's a great read not because of the writing, but because of the clever narrative.  

To get more of a feel for it, read the start. If you've read In A Dark Dark Wood or something similar, you'll like this one too. Before you read the full novel though, I'd avoid the a-typical reviews, as many give away specific details that are best left read between the pages.

The Last Mrs Parrish

the favourite sister

the favourite sister